Landscape Seeding and Straw

When you have a newly graded lawn ready for seeding, it’s essential to take the proper steps. Wind and water can relocate newly planted grass seeds, so it’s important to protect them. For this reason, add a straw mulch over the top of your new grass seed.

Straw is the preferred cover for a newly seeded lawn for several reasons. Unlike Hay, it has a lower seed count, meaning there is less chance for weeds to show up in your new lawn. Second, until the new grass seed and newly germinated plants are established, they will die if allowed to dry out. Straw helps slow the evaporation of water from the soil and will keep it moist while the grass germinates.

green grass field

Let Us Seed The Lawn of Your Dreams

Our professionals will seed your yard with the right mix of seeds to keep it healthy and beautiful. Then, they will cover the new grass with straw mulch to keep it safe, ensuring it reaches maturity and providing you with a healthy, gorgeous yard.