Be Prepared If A Tree Falls On Your Home

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Summertime Can Bring Sudden Storms, Are You Prepared?

It’s Summertime in Gastonia, NC and you know what that means. Cookouts, softball, cruising down Franklin Boulevard, but it can also mean Summer storms. Quick forming storms can bring hail, strong winds, and torrential downpours. These can cause serious damage to the trees on your property, from causing limbs to fall, to even uprooting them and causing them to fall.

Having a large tree fall on your house can be a traumatic and dangerous experience. That’s why it pays to be prepared in the event a tree falls on your home. Justin Dugan’s Tree Service handle situations like this all the time. We’ve put together our tips for what you should do if a tree falls on your home.

What Should I Do If A Tree Falls On My Home?

  • Don’t Panic – If you were in the home when the tree fell, make sure all family members and pets are okay, then exit the home as soon as possible. Be sure to avoid the area where the tree fell, if possible. If you were not home, do not enter the house under any circumstances. Anytime a large tree falls on a home, it will cause structural damage. So do not enter it until a professional has come to check it out.
  • Call 911, especially if electrical lines are involved – If the fallen tree landed on electrical lines, this poses a major fire hazard, as well as a danger to people. In addition it can also be a huge fire hazard. In this case you’ll need to shut off power to the house, if you can reach it. and call the authorities so that they can ascertain the situation and safely handle the situation.
  • Take Photos – It’s very important that you get pictures of the damage to show to your insurance company in order for them to cover your home repairs so make sure to take a lot of pictures from every angle.
  • Shut off Gas Lines, if they are affected – If you have gas running to your home, the lines could have become damaged if a tree fell on your house. Therefore, it is important to shut off the gas, and give the gas company a call. That way they can send a service man to check it out.
  • Call Your Insurance Company – Call your insurance company and inform them of the incident. They will most likely send out a claims adjuster to see the damage in person. They may also ask you to get several different estimates for the repairs. What you have to remember is that while your Home Owner’s Insurance may cover the storm damage, if you damage the home while trying to remove the tree, you’ll be liable for that damage. That’s why it’s always important to use a professional tree service, such as Justin Dugan’s Tree Service.
  • Call a Tree Service – After you’ve had your insurance company look at the house, call a Justin Dugan’s Tree Service, to come out and give an estimate. Our professionals are experienced at removing large trees and are fully insured. We will safely and quickly remove the tree from your structure.
  • Once Claims Have Been Approved, Repair Damage to Home – Always wait for the insurance company to approve your claims before doing permanent repairs to your home. This is because they may limit the amount you can spend on repairs. If you do the repairs before everything is approved, you would be responsible for any cost that exceeds the amount they allow you for the damages.

A Tree Falling On Your Home Can Be Scary, But We Can Help

Justin Dugan’s Tree Service, conveniently located in Gastonia, NC, can help you clean up after a storm comes through. Whether it’s cleaning up debris out of your yard, or removing a large tree that fell on your home, our experts will handle it in a professional and courteous manner. Also be sure to download our “What to Do If a Tree Falls On My Home” infographic. It’s a handy list of tips to keep on the fridge in case you ever need it!